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How to use a Chisel?

How to use a Chisel?

Do you know what a chisel is? Well! A chisel is basically an instrument or a tool which is use to cut angles and designs as well as to smoothen the rough surfaces.

It is a very sharp and an edge cutting tool. It is also very handy while chopping out the rough corners for mortises and dovetail joints. But how to use it is the basic question right?

Well! To get the proper utilization of the chisel, you need to know how it actually works and how you can use it in a proper way to make your work done easily. So let’s get to start with the methods of how to use a chisel to make your work more effective, safe and easy.

How to use a Chisel?

Here are the tips to use a chisel which you should know before using or buying up one.

Use a Paring Chisel: If you are looking for a chisel to do some lighter work such as shaving or sculpting, then using a paring chisel would be the best thing. It has a thin blade which is of 15 degrees beveled at an angle. In order to slice off the small corners of the wooden base, the paring always use the knife like edges. Remember, that while pairing you need to push off the chisel into the wooden base that lies in a plain and flat surface. A flat surface is always better while working with a chisel as it makes your work perfect and properly in shape. The next thing you need to do is to secure the fit to make it more controllable. Raise or lower the chisel handle to control the depth of the cut.

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Use a Firmer Chisel: If you want to do some deeper cuts on the wooden base, then definitely use this awesome firmer chisel. The cutting edge is square and straight which is very much handy. You will find it like a plane iron which is sharpened and ground too.

Use a Gouge: If you are looking for something which will do all your sculpting or carving works, then gouge is the one you need to buy. It has curve points as well as some long handles. The gouge comes with various width as well as 8 standards of degrees to the curve points. You can use the gouges to remove the unwanted wood around the designs created. Gouge with the grain or risk damage to the wood.

Use a Masonry Chisel: A Masonry chisel is helpful if you want to trim the brick or the stone. It is just so perfect to create a beautiful design out of the stone. It gives a defined look and finish to the design created. These are basically duller than the other chisel as these are made to work with force but not with finesse.

So these are the few tips to use the chisel easily. Remember to follow up all the above points.